Madonna and Child with Angels (Madonna Onisanti), Giotto – description

"Madonna and Child with Angels (Madonna Onisanti), Giotto – description

Description of the picture:

Madonna and Child with Angels (Madonna Onisanti) – Giotto (Giotto Di Bondone). Around 1306-1310. Wood, tempera. 325×204
This large altar image of Giotto, representing the Virgin and Child, surrounded by angels and saints ("onisanti" translated from Italian means “all saints”), made in the tradition of the XI-XIII centuries. Then Italian painting was under strong Byzantine influence, but the painter brought something completely new to the medieval canon of painting.

Madonna sits on the throne not strictly in the center and is depicted in a half-turn. Giotto painted her figure so that she looks stately and large, this is emphasized by the plastic folds of the vestments. The conditional golden background symbolizing heaven is mixed here with the depth of the place, expressed with the help of the architecture of the throne of its steps and canopy. The master also focused on the feelings of the characters, portraying angels and saints reverently raising their heads and looking with spiritual awe at the Mother of God with the Baby."

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