Lorenzo the Magnificent, Giorgio Vasari

"Lorenzo the Beautiful, Giorgio Vasari

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Lorenzo the Beautiful – Giorgio Vasari. Around 1533-1534. Wood, oil. 90×72

The designer, painter and first historian of Italian art, Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), painted this portrait by order of Alessandro Medici many years after the death of the person depicted on it.

Lorenzo the Beautiful was the grandson of Cosimo the Elder Medici and concentrated in his own hands all power over Florence, but at the same time he patronized artists and poets and wrote poetry himself. The time of his reign was the “golden age” of Florentine art. But this portrait depicts a man looking tired, lost in thought, phlegmatic both to fame and wealth, which is hinted at by the reddish purse, and even to the fact that he was declared the “vessel of all virtues”, as evidenced by the inscription on the back. Vasari expressed a longing in the picture for the time when painting, poetry and the words of the humanists resonated in the soul of the ruler."

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