Sea. Koktebel, Aivazovsky, 1853

"Sea. Koktebel, Aivazovsky, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three

Description of the picture:

Sea. Koktebel – Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 1853. Oil on canvas. 83×117.5
The sunset moment on the rocky shore is captured in the painting Sea. Koktebel. Mountains approach the very edge of the waves, and behind some of them the sun has just disappeared. Only the gaping edge of the sun still floods the sky and waves with the watery gold of the evening dawn.

The sea is worried, the wind is playing with the waves, and the whole picture is characterized by a slight thoughtfulness of the sunset hour, when soft minor notes and major gold threads weave an unusual canvas.

Aivazovsky’s talent conveyed to us the atmosphere of an evening descending on Koktebel. The sea is not very worried yet, but in his game warning echoes of the severe elements are already audible. The philosophical mood of the evening is interwoven with ecstasy before the power lurking in the waves. This contrast emphasizes the opposition of the ships fighting the waves, and the boat lying relaxed on the shore. The beauty of nature is contradictory! It has quiet sadness and powerful strength, and sometimes there is no border between them, as in the picture of the Aivazovsky Sea. Koktebel."

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