Portrait of Felicita Sartori in a Turkish costume, Rosalba Carriere

"Portrait of Felicita Sartori in a Turkish costume, Rosalba Carriere

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Felicita Sartori in a Turkish costume – Rosalba Carriere. 1730s Pastel on paper. 70×55
The portraits painted by Rosalba Carriere (1675-1757), carry within themselves all the features of the Venetian painting with its narrow color, light and air. The artist is one of the representatives of the Rococo style, a distinctive feature of which is light, translucent (in Carrière – thanks to the pastel technique) tones and playful plots. In fact, all of the 18th-century Venetian painting was close in its own way to Rococo. In it, as in this light art, there is much from the carnival: after Venice finished playing one of the leading roles in the political theater of Europe, she herself was more transformed into a theater, into a ghost town, where the masquerade began to look like a natural pastime. The woman in the picture, dressed in a Turkish outfit and with a mask in her hand, is part of this carnival.

Mother of pearl, pink, blue – one of the favorite colors of the masters of Rococo. Having twisted the model’s bodies, turning her head, looking sideways – also acceptable rocky."

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