Portrait of a Princess (Margarita of Austria?), Master from Moulins

"Portrait of a Princess (Margarita of Austria?), Master from Moulins

Description of the picture:

Portrait of a Princess (Margarita of Austria?) – Master from Moulins. Around 1490-1491. Wood, tempera. 32×23

The Flemish painter (worked between 1480-1500), whose name has not yet been precisely determined, worked at the court of the Bourbon barons and expressed in his own work the features of the art of the French Renaissance.

Enlarged fragments of the painting Portrait-Master of the Moulins
The girl depicted in the portrait stands against the background of a window with a painstakingly written out, but at the same time reminiscent of the breathtaking integrity of the landscape (in part, he recalls the French miniatures of the late Middle Ages). The image is close to the viewer, the young princess is immersed in prayer, she goes through the rosary, on her face – the deepest thoughtfulness and detachment. The bright, gaping look on the other side of the window emphasizes the touchingness of this harsh girl beyond her years. A similar interpretation of the appearance of the baby was rare in art since then."

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