Picture " Flowers on the banks of the Seine near Vetheus ", Claude Monet

"Picture "Flowers on the banks of the Seine near Vetheuil"Claude Monet

Description of the picture:

Flowers – Claude Monet. 1880. Oil on canvas, 66×81 cm
All the images of Monet’s flowers can be conditionally divided into two types – flowers that stand in vases or wickers, and flowers that grow on the ground are alive. By the way, the latter were much larger. Throughout his life, Monet carried a love of flowers – he admired them, grew them, and, of course, painted them.

The painting “Flower Island in the Seine near Vetheya”, painted in one thousand eight hundred and eighty years, shows the viewer a secured floral landscape. Most of the picture is filled with green color – floral greenery grows so dense that it seems like a wild overgrown corner of the garden. Through the foliage, vivid, blurry colors of the flower heads appear, which are visually impossible to find. In general, the painter did not seek to detail, as usual, he sought to capture the memory.

The part of the picture richly filled with greenery is counterbalanced by an empty free landscape depicting houses on the other side of the pond and a measured, even sky that appears in the upper part of the work. As if thick foliage suddenly parted, giving the opportunity to look around the horizon.

Monet believed that in the world there is nothing more beautiful than 2 things – flowers and painting. A professional painter, a bold innovator, an attentive spectator, Monet managed to combine these two perfect forms for him."

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