Madonna del Popolo, Federico Barocci

"Madonna del Popolo, Federico Barocci

Description of the picture:

Madonna del Popolo – Federico Barocci. 1575-1579. Canvas, oil. 359×252
The origin of the Baroque is clearly visible on the example of painting by Federico Barocci (1535-1612), which created large sensually expressive paintings with an abundance of characters and a complex composition. This art flourished in papal Rome in the era of the Counter-Reformation, when the church church sought to strengthen its position in every way and wanted a strong, appealing painting to the faithful.

Barocci depicts Christ, before whom the Mother of God stands on her knees and prays for the Offspring for the world’s population (hence the name of the picture: “popolo” in Italian means “people”). A wide variety of people crowd down: disabled person, blind musician, authoritative signora with children, ordinary lady with a child. The painting found a response and the theme of the “seven works of mercy”, which, according to the teachings of the church church, lead to salvation. Therefore, for example, here is depicted a richly dressed boy giving alms to the poor.

The whole picture is full of movement, the architecture in the background surprisingly shifts in space, producing a memory of something ghostly. This peculiarity was also characteristic of mannerism – the direction from which baroque also grew."

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