Carpet Madonna, Rafael Santi, 1507

"Carpet Madonna, Rafael Santi, one thousand 500 seven

Description of the picture:

Carpet Madonna – Rafael Santi. 1507. Oil on wood. 107×77

This is one of those images. Madonna and Child with John the Baptist, which Raphael (1483-1520) made in Florence. It was ordered by the artist by his friend, a merchant, Lorenzo Nazi, for his wedding. The painter used the same triangular composition here as in other paintings on this subject; therefore, the image received equilibrium and rare harmony.

Mary seems to be covering herself with the Baby Christ and the little John. The soft stripes of her figure, the flowing folds of vestments, as well as the idyllic landscape in the background with the smooth outline of the landscape, immersed in a light haze and melting in the distance, fill the picture with a mood of pacification. But the goldfinch, a sign of the Passion of Christ, in the hand of John the Baptist, to which the Kid reaches, brings an alarming note in the image. With all this, the face of the Madonna, tender, with downcast eyes, framed by soft hair, expresses calmness, which is also transmitted to the viewer."

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