Young man in a macho costume, Edouard Manet, 1863

"A young man in a macho suit, Eduard Manet, one thousand eight hundred sixty three

Description of the picture:

The young man in a macho suit is Eduard Manet. 1863. Oil on canvas. 188×124.8
Picture by Edward Manet “A young man in a macho suit” caused controversy – her picturesque decision was very sudden and new. It depicts the younger brother of Mane Gustave in a suit of Macho – a Spaniard from the common people, dressed in national clothes. In fact, the work was conceived in order to show the costume that made such a memory on Mane that he used it twice: Gustave wears the same figaro jacket and the same trousers in which Mademoiselle Quiz posed for “Portrait of Mademoiselle Quiz in a Suit bullfighter. ” The slender figure is emphasized by the deepest black color of the suit, intercepted by a wide snow-white belt, the juicy reddish color of the cape flashes beautifully.

Having had a huge impact on the emergence of impressionism, Manet was particularly interested in the transmission of color and the volume drawn by him. The French writer Emil Zola responded about the artist: “He knows how to write – and that’s all … the peculiarity of his character is to capture the dominant tones in all their subtleties and sculpt objects and people with great plans in this way.” Despite the fact that there is a lot of play in the picture – the depicted young man represents the macho, imitating his manner of holding on – it is the highest realism in art."

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