“Portrait of Lucretius Panchatiki”, Agnolo Bronzino – description

"“Portrait of Lucretius Panchatiki”, Agnolo Bronzino – description

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Lucretia Panchatiki – Agnolo Bronzino. 1541. A tree. 104×85
Despite the fact that the main features of Agnolo Bronzino’s style are the expressiveness of gestures, whimsicality, the manner of poses, and ceremonial portraits, he painted in a completely different way. Moreover, it was he who specifically stood at the origins of a serious portrait, where the festive atmosphere was in harmony with the seriousness and even constraint of the hero. The painter excluded the portrayed person from the situation, giving the background a nominal significance.

Before us is a charming portrait of Lucretius Panchatiki. The painting is rightfully considered one of the best works of the famous mannerist. The work was ordered by the husband of Lucretia, Bartolomeo – as part of a pair of home portrait.

Due to the fact that Lucretia belonged to the noble Italian family Pucci and reunited with an even more important surname, the story has preserved some information about the lovely heroine from the portrait. She and her husband lived for a long time in the French court, because Bartolomeo was expelled to France as ambassador by Cosimo Medici himself. It is also clear that it was here that they fell under the influence of the Huguenots for which they were convicted by Italian execution. But they were soon forgiven and again found themselves at the mercy of the Florentine baron.

Lucretia is depicted on a dark, almost black background. A chic, reddish dress accentuates the attention of her serious article even more. The master’s letter is distinguished by its filigree and precise details. The viewer will immediately see how painstakingly Agnolo wrote out the elements of the suit, jewelry, conveyed the texture of the material of the outfit.

Another groundbreaking "move" artist – to tell not only about the outside of the heroine, but also hint at her inner world. Panchatik holds a book in his hands – long fingers on the open pages should highlight the aristocracy, enlightenment and intellectuality of a lovely lady."

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