The Little Man from the Shy, Repin, 1877

"A little man from the shy, Repin, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven

Description of the picture:

The little man from the shy – Ilya Efimovich Repin. 1877. Oil on canvas. 65×54

One of the most interesting portraits of Repin’s work, in which everything from the name itself is breathtaking. Before us is a thin peasant, disheveled, with a loose beard. His posture can be taken as an expression of some uncertainty, constraint. But only a pose. Eyes give out in the hero a storm of passions, will, fearlessness and energy. This may look like a robber, a rebel. The man’s timidity is false, false. It is like a compressed spring that is about to straighten …

Repin managed to make a cool image of a Russian man "for myself on my mind". The radiance of the eyes is perfectly conveyed, fate is read in the wrinkles, and the red beard, burnt out in the sun, confirms the assumption of a robber past a peasant. The artist managed to solve all the secrets of his model …"

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