Love Letter – Jean Honore Fragonard

"Love Letter – Jean Honore Fragonard

Description of the picture:

Love letter – Jean-Honore Fragonard. Around 1770. Oil on canvas. 83,2×67

The great founder of French painting of the XVIII century. Jean Honore Fragonard, Having absorbed the experience of Boucher and Watteau, he developed his colorful language and unique style. The singer of love and nature, youth and home life, the painter left behind quite a variety of works.

This picture depicts a woman taken aback in her own room at her desk while reading a letter enclosed in a bouquet of flowers that she holds in her hands. The pink cheeks and a slight smirk on the lips give a hint how the sender was sweet to her heart. The sunbeam penetrating from the window into the room fluctuates and models the girl’s face, staining her skin and blue glimpses of the dress, woven with frisky live and air strokes. The beauty of the scene comes from the unique spontaneity and apparent improvisation of the composition, made in the spirit of realism, but without a shadow of importunity. The person of the portrait is unknown, but, based on the text of the note, we can imagine that before us is the daughter of Francois Boucher – Marie Emil, born in one thousand seven hundred and 40 g. Remaining a widow in one thousand seven hundred and 70 three years, she married a friend of her own father.

The words of the note can be a reference to an anonymous cavalier, or, if you read Cuvillere, then this woman is Marie Emil Boucher, who, one thousand seven hundred and three years old, married designer Charles Etienne Gabriel Cuvillier."

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