Avenue, Lionel Feininger, 1915

"Avenue, Lionel Feininger, one thousand nine hundred and fifteen

Description of the picture:

Avenue – Lionel Feininger. 1915. Oil on canvas. 80×100
Having experienced the influence of cubists and Italian futurists with a zeal for the latter to convey movement in the paintings, Lionel Feininger (1871-1956) writes works in which he geometrizes the environment and at the same time makes the memory that objects move. These features are noticeable in his painting “Avenue”.

The artist depicted the street from the window, and almost everything on it — the sidewalk, trees, even the pedestrian — is subordinated to a diagonal rhythm. The sidewalk seemed to be moving up, and the man leaned forward, the trees bent in the same direction, as if walking along with him. Thus, intense movement is born in the canvas. But the combination of horizontals and verticals, albeit a little stray, seems to close the place in the cell where the pedestrian gets. Hence the feeling of human loneliness in the world emanating from this work of a German artist."

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