The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, Albrecht Durer, 1519

"Mother of God with the Baby and St. Anne, Albrecht Durer, one thousand 500 nineteen

Description of the picture:

Our Lady with the Baby and Saint Anne – Albrecht Durer. 1519. Oil on canvas. 60×49.8
Albrecht Durer is one of the outstanding founders of not only the German Renaissance, but also all the Euro art of the Renaissance and the Reformation. The great painter managed to merge attention to form, corresponding to the Italian tradition, a generous introduction of color and depth of emotions with meticulous precision, imagination and a vision sharpened by the characteristic German culture, having reached exceptional heights in this. Initially, a non-commissioned work, over time, ran into the collections of the Bavarian electors.

The plot dedicated St. Anne, pictured next to Madonna and baby, was one of the favorite iconographic motifs of German art. But in revealing the theme of the Mother of God with the sleeping Jesus (a sign of the future death of Christ), the influence of Giovanni Bellini, whose work Dürer could create during his own travels in Italy, Saint Anna, whose hand as a symbol of love and patronage lies on her daughter’s shoulder, is noticeable by the painter gave similarities with his own wife, Agnes: in the Albertina Library in Vienna there is a sketch relating to this work, dated one thousand 500 nineteen, on which Dürer’s wife is presented as a saint. Nevertheless, the figures are monumental, and the balanced composition is filled with deep emotional strength, which is explained, perhaps, by the fact that during the period when Dürer decided to paint this picture, he was converted to Lutheranism."

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