Portrait of Isabella Brant, Peter Paul Rubens

"Portrait of Isabella Brant, Peter Paul Rubens

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Isabella Brant – Peter Paul Rubens. Around 1625-1626. Canvas, oil. 86×62
The painter, who created a huge number of paintings on which abundant flesh reigns, Rubens (1577-1640) was at the same time the finest portrait painter. He wrote for the most part relatives and several times, as, for example, his first spouse Isabella Brant. This portrait was made by Rubens shortly before her death. After the death of his wife, he spoke about her in one of the letters: “Truly, I lost a terrific girlfriend … she was neither formidable nor weak, but good and honest, such virtuous that everyone adored her alive and mourn the dead” .

But while the artist’s true friend is alive, he captures her young and pretty, with lively, smart eyes and a gentle grin. Isabella seems to emit invisible light. Rubens does not divide the carnal and the spiritual in man: through matter, the spirit blows. Therefore, the master did his best to highlight the bodily beauty of his beloved, for example, tinted her snow-white tender skin, as he often did, with a black fur coat. The reddish background echoes the blush on the cheeks, and the necklace and patterns create something like a precious setting for the wife’s artist so dear to the heart."

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