Description of the painting " Moonlit Night. Bathhouse in Feodosia ", Aivazovsky, 1853

"Description of the picture "Moonlight night. Bathhouse in Feodosia"Aivazovsky, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three

Description of the picture:

Moonlight night. Bathhouse in Feodosia – Aivazovsky. 1853. Oil on canvas. 94×143
The silence of the night wraps around the sea, sky and coast, immersing the world in boundless darkness, primordial and absolute. But the moon enters the sky – and the world is illuminated by the ghostly light of a night luminary. Amazing night colors make you see the usual landscape. The greenish-golden gamut of the illuminated sky and the lunar path against the background of the surrounding night haze makes this landscape mysterious and fascinating.

The magical beauty of Aivazovsky’s painting "Moonlight night. Bathhouse in Feodosia" attracts with a combination of unusual color, a sense of unusual calm, hanging in still air. The sea is like a liquid mirror, reflecting the ghostly, firefly glow of the moon. It seems otherworldly, in contrast to the warm light of a human home.

Somewhere far away, in a foggy haze the city naps and the ships sleep with their sails lowered. The world is immovable. It seems that we hear a ringing silence spilling over the night sea in Feodosia.

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