The Annunciation of Chestello, Sandro Botticelli – description of the painting

"The Annunciation of Chestello, Sandro Botticelli – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The Annunciation of Chestello – Sandro Botticelli. 1489-1490. Tempera. 100 50 x 100 50 6 cm
One of the most original painters of the Renaissance, Sandro Botticelli, whose images are simply recognizable and familiar to the whole world, made several paintings dedicated to the classic biblical story – the Annunciation.

The painting depicts the moment when an angel descending from heaven reports to the Virgin Mary that she is expecting a baby conceived by the providence of God from the Holy Spirit. Her future offspring is destined to be the Savior of the world. Such news frightens and astonishes the future Mother of God.

The painting is made with very spotless and accurate lines, suitable for the master’s work. An important role in this is played by the technique and the material used. Unlike oil paints, tempera gives a smoother surface, allowing the canvas to give amazing clarity and graphic quality. All details of the painting are carefully designed and completed. In this work, knowledge about the perspective is applied, which is emphasized by the geometric pattern of the floor tiles and the construction details of the background.

The darkened, muted gray color of the wall is perfectly shaded by the landscape visible in the distance. We can enjoy the brilliant ribbon of the river, the beautiful curly bridge and the ground spiers of the castle towers located on both sides of the river. The colors of the landscape are muted, green, olive and hazel. Against the background of the black, neutral wall and landscape, the figures of the angel and the Virgin Mary look especially bright and bright.

A kneeling angel with golden wings is dressed in a top red dress, under which a yellowish vestment is shown. The virgin, humbly bowing her head and holding out her hands to the messenger of heaven in an involuntarily protesting gesture, also wears a colorful, fluffy dress. It is covered from above with a wide blue cloak with a black lining and a collar. The cloak is decorated with a fairly wide gold trim. Behind the shoulders of the angel and on the head of the Madonna is the finest transparent veil, professionally depicted by the artist. In the hands of an angel is a large branch of white lilies – a sign of the innocence of the Virgin Mary.

The poses of both characters are mannered, pretentious and unnatural, but the manner of writing and elaboration of faces and small details is completely close to reality. The folds of fabric on the outfits are especially impressive – they are alive, soft, amazingly outline the figure and lie very naturally, naturally. The faces and hair of the characters are depicted with the same exquisite skill. Despite the fact that in all the paintings of Botticelli the heroes are different, there is something elusive in their faces that allows us to attribute the picture to the works of this great master."

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