Portrait of the Bia de Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, 1542

"Portrait of Bia de Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, one thousand 500 40 two

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Bia Medici – Agnolo Bronzino. 1542. Wood, tempera. b4x48
Working for Baron Cosimo I de Medici Agnolo Bronzino, like many court painters, sought to convey in portraits not so much the inner world of a person as the feeling by those whom he captured of their highest position. Hence, a certain detachment of the people depicted by him. But in the presented portrait, the girl, despite all the solemnity of her posture and slightly “closed” expression, is full of charm, like any child. At the same time, some sadness emanates from her. Maybe the fact is that this is a posthumous portrait of the daughter of Cosimo I Bianchi, who was diminutively called Biya.

She was born even before her father’s marriage with Eleanor Toleda from a lady whose name was known only to the baron and his mother. Biya died as a child, her father ordered Bronzino her portrait, and the painter painted a small girl with rosy chubby cheeks and an adult look, looking as if at the viewer, and past him."

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