“Perseus liberating Andromeda”, Piero di Cosimo – description of the painting

"“Perseus liberating Andromeda”, Piero di Cosimo – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Perseus liberating Andromeda – Piero di Cosimo. Around 1510-1515. Wood, oil. 70×120
The Florentine painter Piero di Cosimo combined in his work harmonic, inspired images of the Highest Renaissance with love for a detailed image of the world around us, which he received from the Dutch painters.

In the presented picture, written in the late period of creativity, the master used the ancient Greek myth of Perseus, saving Andromeda. Turning around after defeating the gorgon Medusa, the hero saw a lady tied to a mountain. It was Andromeda, which the inhabitants of her native country sacrificed to a sea monster who was devouring people in order to get rid of him. Perseus in his own winged sandals and a magical helmet that made him invisible is depicted in the picture twice – flying over the sea and standing on the back of a monster, swinging a blade. On the left, Andromeda suffers and frightened people hide behind their cloaks, while on the right, people have fun and wave their laurel branches, glorifying the hero.

An enlarged fragment of the painting Perseus liberating Andromeda - Piero di Cosimo

The inclusion in the composition of events of different times and their interpretation reminiscent of a fairy tale testify to the still unexplored traditions of the previous century – a quattrocento, but the soft outline of the figures and the landscape wide open in the distance say that this work was created in the era of the Highest Renaissance."

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