Madonna with the Kid, angels and the prophet (Madonna with a long neck), Parmigianino

"Madonna with the Kid, angels and the prophet (Madonna with a long neck), Parmigianino

Description of the picture:

Madonna and Child, angels and the prophet (Madonna with a long neck) – Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola). 1534-1540. Wood, oil. 216×132
One of the leading painters of mannerism, Parmigianino (1503-1540), in contrast to the masters of the Renaissance, found harmony in deliberately modified figures and objects, elongated and seemingly gravitating to infinity. The painting “Madonna with a long neck” was written by a master commissioned by his friend’s sister, Lena Bayardi, for the church of Santa Maria dei Servi in ​​Parma.

The bodies of the depicted are elongated (hence the second title of this work) and curved in waves. This is especially evident in the figure of an angel standing in front. The feeling of the surreal, magical that this work evokes is enhanced by the cool, mother-of-pearl colors, the figure of St. Jerome is also very small compared to the rest and the construction background, where the columns turned out to be empty, is incomplete either on purpose or because of the death of the master. And at the same time, a single column acquires special meaning here as a sign of endurance.

On the veil in the hands of an angel is depicted a Crucifix. The theme of future torment and the death of the Savior on the Cross is also realized in the pose of the sleeping Kid, reminiscent of the iconography of the painting – the image of the Mother of God mourning the dead Christ, whom She holds on her knees."

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