“Breakfast”, Francois Boucher – description of the painting

"“Breakfast”, Francois Boucher – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Breakfast – Francois Boucher. 1739. Oil on canvas. Sixty 6 x eighty two cm
In the 1730s, the painter of the Rococo era, Francois Boucher, was fond of a changeable fate. The status of the first painter of the king provided the young master with success, fame and material well-being. In addition, in one thousand seven hundred and thirty-three years, Boucher successfully married the lovely seventeen-year-old Marie-Jeanne Buzot, who became the artist’s faithful muse and companion.

The painting “Breakfast” made in one thousand seven hundred and thirty-nine years is an ode to well-being and quiet family happiness. Researchers mean that the painter’s family is depicted on the canvas: the master’s wife is sitting on the right, a small offspring is located at her feet, the sister with the daughter is a young couple on the left, and the creator himself, the owner of the house, is standing behind.

The Boucher family has a peaceful breakfast at a small table, the faces of those present express satisfaction, contentment and calm. In the eyes of everyone shines love and sincere warmth of emotions. Marie-Jeanne gently looks at the offspring, who brought his beloved toys. A home outfit painstakingly hides the figure of his wife, which is most likely due to his fascinating position and the birth in April of one thousand seven hundred and forty-two of his second daughter. The viewer does not see the face of Sister Boucher, but the care with which the aunt holds her niece is well read. Standing at a table by the mirror shelf, the head of the family looks so that the ladies cups are always filled with hot fragrant coffee.

The comfortable atmosphere of a joint breakfast was professionally conveyed by the artist with the help of contrasting spots and painstaking selection of a color palette. Francois Boucher uses both black, deepest colors to indicate shadows, and light tones of the morning sun rays, painting the room in a soft golden velvet color.

Boucher’s design talent in working on this painting was particularly bright. The vigilance of the master to details and careful drawing of interior elements, speaks of impeccable taste and excellent knowledge of the fashionable at that time style. The canvas “Breakfast” is considered not just another charming genre scene – it is a frozen moment of the artist’s personal happiness."

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