Portrait of George Caussmaker, D. Reynolds, 1782

"Portrait of George Caussmaker, D. Reynolds, one thousand seven hundred eighty-two

Description of the picture:

Portrait of George Caussmaker – Joshua Reynolds. 1782. Oil on canvas. 238.1×145.4
Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) was a painter who brought the British ceremonial portrait to perfection. An example of his skill is the presented painting, written in the late period of creativity.

A brilliant young military man is depicted next to his stallion, whose strong and flexible silhouette emphasizes the stateness of the captain’s figure. Caussmaker. The landscape with a tree, whose leaves are scattered by the wind, recalls that the life of a soldier is a fight or their expectation. And although the face of the person portrayed is still touched by a youthful blush, his gaze is cruel and decisive, more precisely, the young grenadier skillfully appropriates such an expression to his own face. This contrast marked by Reynolds brings a lively and warm note to the picture.

In one of his own famous “Speeches,” Reynolds wrote: “Unlike a human figure, an animal or at least some inanimate object, thanks to the brush of an excellent painter, can gain enormous value, as well as the ability to convey feelings to evoke EMOTIONS.”"

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